Why Workplace Violence Training Is More Important Than Ever

Workplace violence training is no less relevant in the age of increased work-from-home participation. Now is a good time to ensure programs are up to date.

An employee looks sad.

Are workers at risk of violence? Present conditions may be creating new dangers.

Violence in the workplace is a risk worth preparing for with carefully designed training programs. Giving your employees resources and knowledge that can keep them safe in a violent incident is an essential part of a more general health and safety program. This fact remains true even as COVID-19 has changed workplace dynamics. While many employees who were previously based in offices are now working from home, they are still at risk of suffering violence. Now is a good time to ensure your organization has a comprehensive and effective violence prevention training program that applies to nontraditional work arrangements. Continue reading

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OSHA Training Online: How to Create a Safe Working Environment for Your Employees

OSHA training is available in several delivery methods, including online. This can make it easy and convenient to create a safe environment.

An employee wears PPE in a facility.

OSHA safety training is available online.

One of the major functions of the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to set requirements around preparation to work in potentially dangerous conditions. Allowing employees to use equipment they are not familiar with, or to enter workplaces they are unaccustomed to, could end in disaster. In the interest of stopping preventable injuries and fatalities on the job, OSHA has created several training requirements for companies to follow, broken down into construction, maritime and general industry segments.

While it’s clearly important to prepare workers for the risks and challenges they may face on the job, there are complicating factors. For instance, training itself could be a risk factor today, with in-person sessions rendered especially inadvisable by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, many training providers offer online, video-based courses designed to suit OSHA’s requirements. This means your organization can embrace the increasingly popular digital training model while also giving your employees a high-quality grounding in safety practices recommended and required by OSHA.

What are the OSHA Training Requirements?

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6 Ways Management Training Courses Mold You Into a Better Leader

What does it take to be a better leader, and how can training courses help?

A sales team leader points to a graph.

What kinds of skills come from management training?

Leadership can seem to be a vague concept, made up of “soft” skills such as communication and the ability to motivate others. This may push management and leadership training down the list of priorities.

However, if your company commits to skills training and employee education specifically aimed at the traits that make someone a strong, influential leader, the results can be significant. Continue reading

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What Should You Include in Your Sexual Harassment Training Program?

While state requirements create baseline requirements for sexual harassment prevention training, your programs should be comprehensive to make sure their important message gets across.

A woman holds up a hand to say "stop."

How can you make your company’s anti-harassment training more effective?

Training your employees in preventing sexual harassment is an important priority, regardless of whether it’s a legal requirement in the state where you operate. Workplaces that do not have clear and established zero-tolerance policies around sexually inappropriate conduct can be hostile, difficult environments which damage morale. There is potential for employer liability, rapid turnover and a loss of productivity, as unacceptable behavior can create a negative atmosphere that envelops the whole organization.

Focused employee education programs that go beyond minimum requirements and truly address the topic of preventing harassment are valuable tools in preventing such a harmful workplace culture from taking hold. When you’re considering how to create such a program and present it to your employees, you should consider two perspectives. The first is made up of the elements that have to be included in the program due to legal requirements (if any). The second is the added features that make the lessons memorable and impactful. Continue reading

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How Diversity Training Creates a Better Company Culture

What can you do to maximize the positive impact of diversity training for your employees?

A group of employees' hands in front of a world map.

How can diversity training unite an organization around an improved culture?

In recent months, companies have been paying greater attention to important matters such as countering racial bias and creating more inclusive workplaces for people from diverse groups and different cultures. Training is a central part of efforts to change the culture of a workplace environment. If your organization is considering this type of action, it’s time to think seriously about how to make these efforts pay off. This involves selecting effective training courses and verifying they elicit positive reactions from employees, and ensuring the courses deliver lasting and positive change.

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