Make Ergonomic Improvements at your Workplace

Job tasks which subject your body to force, repetitive motion, frequent or heavy lifting and vibration put you at risk for musculoskeletal injury. Instead of putting stress on your body to accomplish job tasks, learn how to evaluate your work and apply ergonomic principles to your work space and body positions in order to prevent these types of injuries.

Ergonomics: Principles of Office Ergonomics” provides information on ergonomics specific to an office setting. The video training provides demonstrations of applying ergonomic solutions to a variety of situations in an office workplace.

Ergonomics: Elements of an Ergonomics Program” explores how to implement an ergonomics program, based on the analysis of workspaces and job tasks. The course supplies examples of using ergonomic principles in assorted work environments.

Understanding and applying the principles of ergonomics to your job will help you work more safely and efficiently.

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