Driving Safety- How to go Beyond the Basics

You don’t want to wait until it is too late to discover a problem with your vehicle. That is why it is crucial to perform a pre-trip inspection every time you get ready to hit the road. The National Safety Council provides this pre-trip inspection checklist, which includes general tips everyone should follow to avoid accidents and breakdowns.

Pre-Trip Inspection: A Circle of Safety” demonstrates for professional drivers how to inspect their vehicles before hitting the road. This Video On Demand covers pre-trip inspections specific to those who drive trucks and other delivery vehicles. The approach is based on creating a “circle of safety,” to ensure all elements of the vehicle are looked over before driving.

There are special considerations one might need to consider when driving a truck or other vehicle typically used by professional drivers. Specifically, special attention needs to be made while backing up, parking and approaching intersections. Driving a delivery truck is not the same as maneuvering a your four-door sedan. For instance, blind spots and visibility may be greatly altered based on the vehicle.

Backing, Parking, and Intersections” provides professional drivers with lessons on how to apply safe driving behaviors to the specific situations implied by the course title. Understanding the risks and how they change based on the vehicle you are driving is critical to avoid causing an accident. Even though driving may be an everyday activity, it cannot become a mindless activity.

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