Don’t Slip and Fall into Poor Housekeeping Habits

Keeping a clean work space is not just a matter of taste; good housekeeping practices prevent injuries such as slips, trips and falls. Beyond preventing a co-worker from slipping on a pile of nails or a puddle on the floor, housekeeping is necessary to prevent fire hazards and ensure easy access to emergency equipment.

Housekeeping is something every employee should take part in – and if everyone takes the time to check the space around them and clean-up after themselves housekeeping will not become a burden for any single person.

Housekeeping,” one of the newest titles in Video On Demand, provides employees with the skills needed to recognize hazards around the workplace, while explaining how to incorporate housekeeping practices into one’s job to help prevent accidents and injuries.

The course covers the following topics:

  • the purpose of housekeeping
  • fire hazards
  • organization and storage
  • slips and trips
  • emergency procedures
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