Are Your Employees Ready to Handle an Emergency?

Emergencies tend to follow the “ready or not here I come” philosophy. So if given the choice wouldn’t you rather be ready than not?

It is not the right time to figure out how to administer first aid when someone needs it; likewise you don’t want to be scrambling to find out where the shelter is when the tornado sirens are ringing. It is critical for all your employees to be aware of procedures and protocols for a variety of emergencies – whether it be a natural disaster, medical emergency or security threat.

Check out this OSHA Fact Sheet, which provides some guidelines on planning and responding to workplace emergencies. OSHA suggests your workplace emergency response team members should be trained in the following areas (if they aren’t already from fulfilling other OSHA requirements):

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA website also provides a wealth of information on preparing for specific hazards, from hurricanes to terrorist attacks.
Provide your employees  with this online training video, “Emergency Planning,” which explains different causes of emergencies and demonstrates how to create a comprehensive emergency plan. 
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