Do You Know How to Wash Away a Laboratory Emergency?

After a brief incident with touching a bottle of bathroom cleaner and then rubbing my eye, I quickly learned the value of being able to quickly react and flush my eye out with running water. Luckily I was standing right next to the faucet and knew the appropriate action to take.

When working in a laboratory, filled with many more hazardous chemicals than you have in your household bathroom, it is critical to know how to operate the safety showers and eye wash stations. You don’t want to be troubleshooting or reading directions when an emergency is going on. The quicker you react to a hazardous materials accident the more likely you are to minimize the resulting damage.

Laboratory Safety: Safety Showers and Eye Washes in the Laboratory” explores the use of safety showers and eye washes; providing lab workers with the know-how to help themselves and co-workers should an incident occur.

The following topics are covered in this Video On Demand lab safety course:

  • characteristics of the equipment
  • accessing and maintaining equipment
  • using safety showers
  • using eye washes
This course stresses the importance of knowing what to do before an emergency occurs, when you have a chemical in your eye or on your body, taking the time to figure out how to use the safety equipment only puts you at further risk for permanent damage. Make emergency response second nature by developing a deep understanding of how to maintain and use safety showers and eye washes. 


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