Hydrogen Sulfide and Emergency Response

Understanding the risks of working around hydrogen sulfide gas is critical. Exposure to this extremely poisonous and flammable gas may kill you, and quickly if the concentrations are high enough. Although known for its “rotten egg” smell, hydrogen sulfide quickly deadens your sense of smell, making it dangerous to rely on smell for detection.

If you work in an industry or environment where hydrogen sulfide is produced you should be trained on proper safety procedures as well as how to handle a hydrogen sulfide emergency. Additionally, emergency response crews should be familiar with treating victims exposed to hydrogen sulfide.

The Video On Demand training “HazChem: Hydrogen Sulfide” presents workers with lessons on understanding the properties of the toxic gas, following safety procedures and responding to hydrogen sulfide emergencies.

Specific lessons cover the properties, flammability hazards, health hazards, reactivity, and symptoms of exposure for hydrogen sulfide. Workers learn about identification, storage, transportation, and loading safety. Topics for emergency response includes accident response, equipment, treatment of victims, spill response, control of gas flow, and clean-up and decontamination.

For a more interactive training course on H2S, check out our CEU-qualified course on Mastery.com

For more information on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide, check out this OSHA factsheet.

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