HAZMAT Self Protection and Security Awareness

Law enforcement officers and other first responders are everyday heroes coming to the aid of the masses, putting themselves in harm’s way. Their valiant efforts do not always encourage them to immediately don all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).  In line with other Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards, first responders must know the importance of self-protection, how to use and maintain it.  The video training Hazmat/WMD Self Protection for Law Enforcement  explains exactly why PPE is so important, especially in a world with invisible threats, such as hazardous chemical exposure.  This video explores types, methods and limits of exposure as well as all the protection required to reduce risk.

You may not be on the front lines, but you may still need to know the security risks related to handling and transporting hazardous materials. In fact the U.S Department of Transportation requires it for employee’s of specified industries. Specific areas of safety training required includes the type of PPE made available, how to avoid accidental exposure and emergency response.  These and additional requirements are explored in the Video On Demand training, DOT: HAZMAT: Security Awareness.

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