First Aid – How Prepared Are You?

Where’s the first aid kit located in your work area? Do you know what’s in it? Do you know what should be in it? These are just a few questions to answer before there is an emergency. There are times when emergency first aid makes the difference in saving a life or limb. The video Workplace First Aid is great place to start your preparation.

Okay, now you know where the first aid kit is and what it contains, but do you know how to  properly apply first aid treatment?  Have you identified the areas in which you need to train to be effective? Use the video Emergency First Aid  to get an overview of first aid methods helpful to utilize when waiting for assistance from medical professionals.  This video includes an overview of CPR, heart attack care, wound treatment, accidental poisoning and drowning to name a few.  You’ll be ready to identify the areas you need first aid training in.


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