Healthcare Professionals: Overcoming Patient Care Challenges

Healthcare professionals are often tasked with the heroic challenge of helping people when they are most vulnerable, often emotional and eager to get help immediately. When emotions run wild we aren’t our usual sweet selves.  Between managing patients’ emotions and focusing on providing

prompt, accurate care, healthcare professionals risk being received as rude. “Patient Care: Treat ‘Em Like Dogs” compares the care provided at the veterinarian’s office and a doctor’s office, check out the video and see which one comes out on top.

Another challenge healthcare professional face is cultural differences. These differences can impact the way care is delivered, which requires understanding and adaptability. A recent news article titled “Report: Diversity Growing in Nearly Every State”  discusses growing diversity in the United States which highlights the need for “Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity in Healthcare.” This video-based training is an excellent source to start or continue your diversity training in healthcare.


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