Business Skills Training for the Manufacturing Industry

Course ScreenNegativity in the workplace can surface for any number of reasons, personal or professional. Most important is finding a way to end bad attitudes. Curing Negativity: Creating Positive Attitudes, Manufacturing Version provides real life examples of workplace negativity and how to end it.

One cause of poor attitudes at work results from not understanding each other’s work styles. We all have a preference when it comes to the way we work. Some of us are detailed, others are able to see the big picture clearly, while others are able to quickly identify areas of potential concern.

Course ScreenThis brief description of work styles only scratches the surface, however, if you have ever worked in a group it’s likely  you have been identified as one these people or have encountered co-workers who have these strengths. You can learn how to get the most out your manufacturing team members with the training program, Team Building: Understanding Team Member Styles, Manufacturing Version. You will learn how your teams can benefit from each style.

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