Healthcare – Coping with Workplace Challenges

As a healthcare professional you’ve gone through training to teach you the skills you need to treat patients; now you can further develop the “business” skills to help you communicate with your team, demonstrate leadership and even deal with organizational change. Challenges are always going to present themselves, the key is to have the ability to navigate them before they arise. The following healthcare-specific training videos help give you an edge up.

Change is constant, happening all around us, so why not prepare with 3 Steps to Managing Change Healthcare Version?

Course Screen

Conflict, we all know it cannot be avoided and comes in many forms. Be prepared to handle it in a productive manner with Managing Workplace Conflicts Healthcare Version.

Course Screen

Team building is an important part of any organization, and is especially imperative in healthcare, check out Coaching: 5 Steps to Build a Winning Team, Healthcare Version and Team Building: Understanding Team Member Styles, Healthcare Version.

 Course Screen


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