Create Conflict-Resolution in Any Industry

Conflicts arise in all types of workplace settings.  Though some conflict is considered healthy, without proper resolution the outcome can be detrimental to a unified work environment.  Mastery offers a variety of conflict-resolution training courses with real-life scenarios for various industries such as; industrial facilities, healthcare and office.

Each course explains types of conflicts, with examples and ways to best resolve each.  These types of conflicts include:

  • Misunderstandings – to cure these provide everyone with the most accurate and current information.
  • Procedural conflicts – these need compromise, it is usually the “agree to disagree” approach.  Different means toward the same goal.
  • Different goals – there is often no agreement in these situations, though, they are able to be turned into “win-win” situations with collaboration.

In order for any conflict to be resolved, there must be collaboration.  Use these online courses to help uncover ways you can better handle conflicts at your workplace.

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