Prevent Injuries on Your Construction Site

Falls are the number one killer in construction; the sad reality is most fall-related deaths could have been prevented by proper fall protection.  There is a lot to learn about fall protection; the systems to help avoid a fall and the equipment that can help save your life if you do.  Though falls provide a major threat on construction sites, there are a variety of other injuries that could occur including those to the hand, foot, eye and head.  Mastery tackles these hazards in training courses dedicated to safety in construction workplaces.

Safety Orientation in Construction Environmentsgives the basics for preparation in the construction arena.  This training program relays five important topics before entering a construction workplace:

  1.  Mental preparation; concentration, full attention, and being aware and alert must be given to the job at all times
  2. Safety housekeeping; aides in accident prevention – always inspect the work area for potential hazards and remove them
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE); often necessary to help keep workers out of danger
  4. Safe work practices; careless habits cause deadly consequences
  5. Preparing for emergencies; must be prepared to act in case of an emergency occurrence


The “Personal Protective Equipment in Construction Environments” course reiterates this information from the orientation course, while completely covering the varieties of PPE, and how to distinguish when to use each type.  Other courses related to these topics include:

Check out all our courses that feature the construction industry.

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