How To Get The Most Out of Your Team

The training course, “Getting the Most out of Your Team,” visits three major corporations and how they implement the use of the “Mining Group Gold” (a best-selling book) practice, developed at the Xerox Corporation.  The course shares the techniques from this book, while providing insights into how the process of getting the most out of a team is not as easy as it may seem.

In order to hold an effective team meeting, proper preparation must take place.  In preparing, you should ask yourself five key questions:

  1.  Purpose of the group session
  2. Desired outcomes
  3. Fill roles of facilitator, scribe and time-keeper
  4. The agenda
  5. Time allocation

There are also specific characteristics that must be in place for these effective group sessions.  Each characteristic plays a vital part in constructing productive and collaborative meetings to reach new ideas and resolutions.  These roles are:

  • Agenda check
  • Facilitation
  • Role splitting
  • Scribe and time-keeper
  • Open and collaborative climate
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Facilitating emotions

As said in the video, “if you create an environment of trust and collaboration you are able to mine the wealth of high-quality ideas, buried in the heads of every team member and harness those ideas in the service of team goals and those of the larger organizations.”



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