Electrical Safety – Learn to Recognize Hazards!

When it comes to electrical safety, there are some pretty obvious hazards; then there are some that either go unrecognized or are chose to be ignored.  Unfortunately when these hazards become recognized, it is after someone has been injured because of it.

The course, “Electrical Safety: What Everyone Should Know,” teaches and explains how to protect yourself and others around you.  Throughout the course, three main topics are discussed; how electricity works, how the body reacts to electricity and how to stay safe.

During the course, other areas are also descriptively discussed and displayed, such as:

  • Effects of electricity on the human body
  • Protection devices
  • Using electricity safely
  • The truth about cords and plugs
  • Potential exposures

 Find out more about this course, and its ability to play on mobile devices, at Mastery.com. 

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