Propane Explosion Acts as a Reminder for Workplace Safety Training

The importance of workplace safety training continually gets reaffirmed by unfortunate workplace accidents.  Accidents happen day-in and day-out, but knowing how to prevent and react to them helps prevent injuries, or worse, fatalities.  This notion was unfortunately reiterated by the recent explosions at a Florida propane plant.

The Blue Rhino propane plant, located in Tavares, Florida, experienced an alarming cycle of propane cylinders explode at their plant this past Tuesday.  Federal and state investigators are still not sure what caused the chain of explosions, but know that there have, thankfully, been no fatalities.  This article further explains the event and investigation at the plant. We wish the best to the injured and their families at the Blue Rhino propane plant!

Though we are not sure what happened yet at the plant, we do know that accidents can and will happen at any workplace.  It is the preventative actions and response to the situations that control the well-being of everyone involved.

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6 Responses to Propane Explosion Acts as a Reminder for Workplace Safety Training

  1. Workplace safety can seem like a chore on job sites where accidents are uncommon, which can lead to people relaxing their standards and expectations of safety. Unfortunately, this is when something is most likely to happen. A culture of workplace safety becomes hardest to keep up when it is succeeding – it’s important to stay alert, stay educated and keep each other safe.

    • I think you are right, it is easy to get relaxed when an accident has never occurred, focusing on preventive measures and fostering safe work behaviors is the way to keep everyone safe, not ignoring safety standards. Thanks for reading!

  2. ” It is the preventative actions and response to the situations that control the well-being of everyone involved.”

    A lot of organizations treat workplace safety as a reactive process rather than a proactive strategy. The article about the accident even states that the accident was most likely due to “human error and bad practices.” Establishing good practices and safe workplace procedures can help reduce the risk for a workplace incident.

  3. jodyzarn says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Jody Zarn and I am developing a free webinar geared toward keeping new workers safe in the workplace. I was wondering if it would be okay if I shared the top image of the explosion in my webinar? Thanks so much.
    Jody Zarn

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