Over 100 VOD Training Courses Available for All Devices

After three months since our release of the first 3rd generation Video On Demand (VOD) course, we are celebrating our achievement of having 101, new and updated, workplace training courses on our mobile-friendly, VOD platform.  Since May, we have maintained a continual flow of releasing course titles to make e-learning and training easy and convenient for employers and employees by enabling courses to play seamlessly on all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Right now 101 of the 500+ Video On Demand courses are available on the new platform. Mastery is continually working to update all of the existing VOD titles, while still releasing brand new titles.

This week we were able to release the following titles:

Active Shooter Rapid Response
DOT: HAZMAT: Preparing Shipping Papers (2012 ERG)
Stress: Emotional Eating
Managing Stress
Mastering Stress
Recognizing Stress

All of our newest Video On Demand Courses are marked as supported on ALL browsers in the “Browsers Supported” column of the course listing. You can see the full list of all our Video On Demand products here.

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