Commit to Crane Safety to Keep the Workplace Safe

Cranes are used daily to make jobs easier and more efficient in a multitude of industries such as industrial, construction, and manufacturing operations.  A crane’s purpose is to help get the job done, but if not used properly according to its procedures and polices, it becomes a major threat for the entire work environment.

Two new courses released this month offer crane safety training.  These courses, “Overhead: Industrial Crane Safety,” and “Overhead: High-Impact Crane Safety,” depict real-life events, some of which are based off of accidents investigated by OSHA or from company records.  Accidents involving cranes are extremely dangerous and can be life threatening.  Each course explains steps and precautions to promote crane safety.  Steps include:

  • Inspections
  • Pre-operational check-out
  • Load weight and load capacity
  • Sling inspection
  • Sling angles
  • Lifting and moving loads
  • Cab-controlled cranes

These courses help workers learn safe work practices and precautions necessary to keep themselves and others around them safe.  It is important to remember that viewing these programs are only a portion of crane safety training; there are other hands-on training requirements needed to qualify a learner to operate any crane or hoist.

Commit to crane safety and help maintain a safe workplace.

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