Managers: This simple phrase could transform your workplace for the better

Does your office have a culture of gratitude?

A culture of gratitude can boost employee morale and improve worker retention rates.

Does your workplace struggle with low employee morale and high turnover rates? If so, ask yourself how often you hear managers say these simple words: “thank you.” You don’t necessarily need expensive incentive rewards or grand gestures to show your employees that you appreciate them. Sometimes simply verbalizing your gratitude is enough, and best of all — it’s free! In fact, a 2012 survey found that 67 percent of workers are most motivated by praise from a manager. Yet far too many supervisors fail to take advantage of this tool.

“Saying ‘thank you’ to employees is not just polite, it is critical for keeping them engaged,” writes Joyce Russell in The Washington Post’s “Career Coach” column. “Acknowledging their efforts can serve to motivate them and inspire them to want to keep working at your company. In fact, many say that a personal “thank you” means more than other things you might do for them.”

While it might be tempting, as a busy executive or supervisor, to put off saying “thanks” until more pressing action items have been addressed, it’s always better to express gratitude in real-time. If you adopt the habit of doing so, you will likely also get into the habit of expressing appreciation more often.

If your managers and supervisors aren’t leveraging the power of “thank you,” remember that it is not productive to point fingers or engage in the “blame game.” After all, for most people, management is a learned, acquired skill, rather than an inborn talent. Help them hone their leadership skills through a series of cost-effective, efficient online learning courses from Mastery Technologies that can be completed from the comfort of your normal workspace, with no need to bring in an expensive instructor. We offer a selection of courses on feedback and recognition.  You’ll be amazed at how even a single learning course can transform team culture!

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