6 benefits of office teamwork

How can employee teamwork advance your business?

How can employee teamwork advance your business?

Teamwork in an office setting is a vital component of creativity, productivity and overall employee happiness.

Efficient teamwork practices maximize a productive atmosphere, helps groups operate smoothly and strengthens business goals. A lack of teamwork in a business can severely impact its performance and even lead to its eventual failure.

Keep these six teamwork advantages in mind during your next employee development meeting:

  • Build competency: Working in a larger group means that more employees are moving toward a common goal. As employees work together, they are able to understand each other’s role and how it plays into the bigger picture of the business.
  • Encourages risks: Working as a team brings together an array of different ideas and thought processes. Employees are more likely to go for an idea that may seem “out there” if they have the support of their fellow workers behind them. Although risk may seem scary in a business setting, some of the biggest innovators of all time have been considered risk takers, their ideas easily launching them to the next level.
  • Ensures collaboration: Being a part of a team allows employees to collaborate. Collaboration goes hand in hand with discovery, which when shared with others, can often feel more rewarding. It also strengthens a team’s knowledge base, as well as an overall bond. For larger projects, having a myriad of ideas can be the difference between a good outcome and a great one.
  • Fosters creativity: According to a study conducted by Penn State University, effective teamwork creates solutions composed of many different perspectives. This allows a situation, issue or idea to be seen from many different angles, developing an idea one employee could not come up with on their own. In addition, having multiple employees work on a project may decrease the total amount of time spent on it, allowing for early completion and more tasks to be done.
  • Leads to innovation: As stated by Univecta, innovative ideas are often developed by a group of people. During this process, an idea is often refined and revised before being executed. Having multiple employees work together allows a greater thought process to be had. Innovative ideas are the crux of a business, as many customers want to invest their money and time in a place that is different from all the rest.
  • Reduces stress: Having to handle a major issue alone can be extremely detrimental to both physical and mental health. Creating a team to handle an upcoming presentation, event or project distributes pressure evenly and strengthens a support system from the beginning. This also helps prevent employee burnout, as well as a sense of unity for when things go as planned or not.

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