The importance of integrity in leadership

What role does leadership play in an integrity-focused workplace?

Integrity is a vital component of workplace productivity and success.

Integrity is a vital component of workplace productivity and success.

Business leadership requires a host of behaviors that benefit productivity and employee happiness. Integrity is vital in an office setting, especially when displayed by management.

Integrity is the moral judgment, character and honesty an employee displays throughout the day. A leader with integrity not only understands right from wrong, but practices it in everything they do.

Integrity begins with both understanding and implementing it into everyday business practices. Business leaders are often looked to as a guide for best work practices. Ensure your leaders are capable of instilling integrity in your workforce by keeping the following three tips in mind:

  • Begin with the hiring process: Create a business mission statement involving integrity, and implement it from the beginning. Instilling integrity during this time gives employees a mantra to stand behind and fulfill. It also creates clear guidelines and expectations from the beginning of their time with the company.
  • Communicate with reason: Leadership is the first place employees turn to for feedback. Be sure leaders are capable of managing a department, while also leading its people. Honesty and guidance are vital during employee performance reviews and other meetings.
  • Establish a policy and stick to it: It’s not enough to create an integrity-driven policy if you don’t follow it. Be sure employees understand the inner workings of the office and why practices are carried out as they are. Maintaining a clear path of integrity and moral character is essential.

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