The benefits of positive discipline

Why is positive discipline an effective form of workplace communication?

Positive discipline has a greater effect than a negative experience.

Positive discipline has a greater effect than a negative experience.

Positive discipline enables appropriate behaviors and practices by encouraging effective participation and understanding.

Enabling positive discipline in a workplace begins with outlining clear protocols and ethical guidelines all employees must follow. If employees falter, constructive criticism is often the best way to handle the situation.

The ultimate goal of employee discipline is creating a safe, happy and productive work environment for everyone. Positive discipline creates an understanding between an employee and management that something is wrong, but steps can be taken to remedy it.

Shifting away from warnings, reprimanding and suspensions across the U.S. has created a more positive and energized work environment for workers. Some results include:

  • A decrease in written warnings and reminders at a Vermont General Electric plant from 39 percent to 12 percent over a period of two years.
  • An 86 percent decrease in grievances reported by Verizon.
  • A turnover decrease of 18 percent at the Texas Department of Mental Health over a period of two years.

These are just some of the many positive experiences workplaces have reported after switching to positive discipline.

Some employees may have a hard time responding to negative criticism or view it as an attack on their personal work ethic and abilities. Using positive reinforcement maintains a level of respect for everyone involved.

At times, though, negative discipline is necessary. For example, if an employee hurts a coworker or continues to follow the same unethical behavior, highlighting the positives of the situation would not be an appropriate action to take.

Management must make the decision when it comes to these situations which kind of discipline to enact. In this, employee development is crucial for both understanding and better work practices.

MasteryTCN has a range of e-learning courses available for employee development and positive discipline including “How to Discipline in a Positive Way” and “Managing Discipline: Your Legal Responsibilities”.

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