What Should Businesses Keep in Mind During the Hiring Process?

How can the hiring process become better developed?

What should be your top concerns when choosing between job applicants?

What should be your top concerns when choosing between job applicants?

Hiring and the initial interviewing process can be difficult at times, especially when a position must be filled quickly or management isn’t quite sure of what their specific needs are.

At times, the process may fall to the wayside or the wrong applicant may be chosen. This occurs in every business though, and shouldn’t be taken to heart. When this happens, it’s important to look back at what may have gone wrong, what questions should be asked instead or how to find the better overall fit the next time around.

How can your business hire better?

Small and large companies have the power to change their practices just by making a few simple tweaks. But how should these changes be chosen? For starters, know what information is out there. For example:

  • 66 percent of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to gain insight into a company.
  • The average cost per hired person has risen to $4,000.
  • The best candidates for jobs are often picked from the market within 10 days.
  • 15 percent of candidates who have had a positive hiring experience have put more effort into the job overall.

What changes can be made?

Consider your “brand.” When starting the hiring process, consider the brand you wish to create with each new applicant. According to Forbes, 69 percent of job seekers won’t accept a position if the company has a bad reputation. Consider how employees are treated daily and how that will come across during the hiring process.

Focus on deep recruitment. Many businesses hire based on shallow layers of expertise, but when the new hire is molded to the position, more can be learned and invested in the position as well.

Set expectations, and get on the same page. Be sure the applicant understands their full expectations and seems engaged before making a final decision, especially if hiring for more than one position.


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