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Virtual Team Management: An Essential Skill Today

Managing a virtual team requires slight twists on the classic leadership formulas. On the surface, team leadership may seem like a skill that doesn’t change much over time. People are people, and leading them takes the same psychological makeup it … Continue reading

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Building cross-generational teamwork via video training

Getting teams on the same page is essential but potentially challenging when employees come from different age groups. Teamwork may seem like a vague or nebulous term. Companies that hire reliable employees with compatible skills may assume they’ll naturally be … Continue reading

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Train Employees Proactively to Stop Harassment Before it Starts

Allowing harassment in the workplace is against the law and hugely damaging to a company’s culture. Addressing the issue through means such as training is essential. Eliminating harassment from the workplace is an essential part of effective management. With so … Continue reading

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Soft skills: A modern workplace must

Employees with strong soft skills are leading the charge into a new age of communication-driven business. No job today can be performed optimally without soft skills, the abilities that go beyond raw information and involve emotional intelligence and communication aptitude. The increasing … Continue reading

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HR leaders: Follow EEOC Anti-Harassment Guidance

What’s the state of harassment in the workplace today – and what types of training practices are best at improving conditions for employees? Getting in line with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards and preventing workplace harassment are important duties for … Continue reading

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