Get Time Management Training for the Decentralized Workforce

Time management is important for remote workers and training can impart this skill.

An employee works on a laptop.

Time management is a key skill for newly remote employees.

Companies that transitioned into work-from-home models due to the global COVID-19 pandemic have quickly come to understand both the opportunities and the challenges of having a remote workforce. One of the main differences between working from home and coming into the office is the long unstructured and unobserved hours employees will spend in their own houses. If they use this time effectively, they can be just as productive as a centralized team. However, that level of time management is not a sure thing.

While it may be tempting to assume that a good sense for time and how to spend it is something innate – either people have it or they don’t – it is a skill that can be imparted through training. Just as it’s possible for employees to contribute valuable work from their homes, you can assign them online, video-based coursework they can take on a schedule that suits them, building essential skills such as the ability to spend time productively, even when there is no boss on hand to check on them. Continue reading

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Teach Remote Workers to Excel at Digital Communications

Many employees are working remotely today – how can you help your team communicate well in this new environment?

An employee uses three devices.

How can you help employees communicate when they’re working from home?

If your company is one of the many embracing a remote work model to keep its operations running during the novel coronavirus pandemic, your team members may be unfamiliar with the best practices for working from home. For people used to going into an office everyday and working eight hours, going entirely remote can represent a major change. Management should be there every step of the way, giving these personnel the skills and support they need to succeed in this new business landscape.

Even if your organization has possessed work-from-home capabilities for years, a refresher on the basics of this model can be a worthwhile investment. For instance, your employees may be missing one of the most vital skills regarding remote work: the ability to communicate effectively when face-to-face contact isn’t possible. Training in digital communications can improve remote workforce effectiveness, both in terms of interacting with coworkers and reaching out to clients and partners. Furthermore, this skill will always be relevant to effective business practices, even in times when in-person work can resume. Continue reading

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Management and Motivation Training for Remote Team Leaders

Managers are increasingly leading teams that are scattered geographically. How can they improve their ability to handle these situations?

An employee works on a laptop.

What does it take to lead a remote team?

The skills associated with managing a team of employees change depending on the physical arrangement of the company. When employees are scattered geographically, there are extra challenges and demands placed on leaders. With telecommuting increasing in popularity even before the novel coronavirus pandemic forced a large amount of companies to adopt remote work as an everyday solution, these unique skills are worth focusing on. Fortunately, there are training courses designed to specifically help team leaders whose employees are mostly or entirely based off-site. Continue reading

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Use Training to Enhance Team Leaders’ Project Management Skills

Project management skills may be the key to effectively pursuing your organization’s goals — and they can be enhanced through training.

An office meeting about a project.

What skills are integral to modern project management?

The ability to manage a project isn’t something employees either have or don’t. Rather, this skill is a set of competencies that can be sharpened and enhanced through targeted training. Considering the central role project management plays in pursuing organizational goals, this is a type of employee education worth investing in. Continue reading

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Teach Managers to Recruit Top Candidates with Talent Acquisition Training

How do you enhance managers’ recruiting and talent acquisition skills?

Candidates wait for a job interview.

How do you improve your company’s talent pipeline?

The talent pipeline your company builds is critical to its success in many areas. Employees are the heart and soul of the business; so becoming more adept at discovering and hiring talented newcomers is a high-priority activity for departmental leaders. While it’s tempting to think recruitment is innate — something people are simply good or bad at — it is actually a proficiency that can be honed and improved. Continue reading

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