Protect Employees with Improved Confined Space Safety Training

What are OSHA’s rules around confined space entry – and how should you train employees to operate safely in these areas?

A small entryway to a confined area.

What should companies do to prepare for confined space operations?

Working in confined spaces is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous duties an employee can serve within a facility or construction site. If your workers have to operate in these limited-mobility settings, it’s up to you to ensure they have optimal training and preparation for the task at hand. Without adequate training programs in place, you leave your company susceptible to fines and penalties. No leader at a workplace or work site with confined spaces should make such an oversight, whether the work in those areas is part of a temporary project or a permanent requirement.

What Does OSHA Require?

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Cybersecurity Training: Always Evolving, Always Relevant

Improving your company’s defenses against cyber attacks takes more than IT purchases; you should invest in training.

A red section of computer code.

Today’s cyber criminals know employee error is a huge security weakness.

When thinking of cybersecurity for your company, it’s normal to consider the problem in terms of technology. Hackers and malicious groups are pitting their IT resources against yours, and failure to keep up with this digital arms race may result in the loss of valuable data.

This technical approach to today’s cybersecurity challenges ignores one critical fact, however: Some of the greatest threats to your company are not predicated on advanced tech or rapid threat development. The potential for human error can be a glaring weak spot in any organization’s defenses. Continue reading

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Boost Your Sales Team Performance via Refreshed Training

The sales department of a company keeps the organization thriving. It’s worth training sales personnel to prime them for success.

How long has it been since your sales team received refreshed or updated training?

A businessman pointing to a "sales training" graphic.

Sales training is a major way to improve departmental effectiveness.

Improving sales representatives’ performance through targeted and focused employee education may provide your business with a much-needed infusion of momentum. Reps’ ability to sell effectively – making use of the latest and most relevant tactics and techniques – can determine whether a company meets or misses business targets for a quarter or year.

Sales ability isn’t an intrinsic or fixed trait. Improving related skills through the deployment of timely and effective training is a potentially valuable boost for the representatives, the department and the organization. Continue reading

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Meet HR Compliance Requirements – Then Go Beyond Them

While there are rules regarding HR training, these should be seen as a starting point – there’s plenty of room for extra value to come from these programs.

A key made of the words "human resources."

Regulatory compliance is just the start of great HR training.

Compliance training sessions overseen by human resources have a clear mission statement embedded in their name: They exist to ensure companies comply with regulations demanding they maintain fair, equitable and welcoming workplaces. This shouldn’t be where the lessons end, however. HR training that obeys the letter of the law, but does no more, may not adequately prepare employees to deal with issues such as harassment. Rather than just creating compliant workplaces, leaders should treat their legal requirements as a baseline and strive to create exemplary office cultures.

Numerous training options are available on essential HR topics, divided up by subject, workplace type and content format. Managers and HR team members should select educational resources to take employees beyond the basics and set a positive tone for all interactions within the business, with clear mechanisms in place to handle complaints and drive real resolution to problems. Selecting the right resources calls for an extra period of research, but the resulting professional environment is worth the effort. Continue reading

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Safe Forklift Operations: Essential in Any Warehouse

What does it take to keep your forklift operators safe and prepared for any potential problems?

An employee uses a forklift.

What should all forklift operators know?

No matter what kind of products, supplies or raw materials your company stores in its warehouses and distribution centers, it’s essential to put comprehensive strategies in place to move those goods safely and effectively. Moving large pallets is typically a job for forklift vehicles, which puts forklift operators at the center of any workplace safety plan for warehouses.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has specific rules for the safe use of forklift equipment, with operators subject to strict requirements. This careful management of forklift driving is due to the potential for serious injury around such heavy machinery. The strategies for your warehouse should go beyond OSHA’s baselines and ensure every employee in the environment knows the proper procedures. Both forklift operators and all other employees who work around these vehicles should be aware of the possible danger they’re in and understand how to stay safe. Continue reading

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