Courses to Help with Laboratory Safety

There are as many safety best practices applicable to laboratories as there are types of labs. Training is a great way to get employees ready for the risks they may encounter and keep conditions optimal. Continue reading

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What’s the Role of Blended Learning in Workplace Training?

What is the value of creating a blended learning program instead of purely in-person or online training?

Employees learn from an instructor.

What’s the value of combining in-person and online learning?

Moving toward a digitally enabled model is an ongoing trend within the training sector, and it’s easy to see why. Digital delivery methods are considered an effective way to convey all kinds of messages, and employee education is all about making concepts easily comprehensible.

Some of the advantages of pure e-learning models have become clear: These courses are accessible to geographically dispersed teams, they can be accessed at any time, employees find visual content stimulating, and so on. However, there are also reasons to maintain some in-person courses when digitizing.

The compromise between digital and in-person training forms a separate model known as blended learning. The exact extent to which physical courses and online content commingle depends on the company in question. No two programs are exactly the same, and suiting an organization’s business model is the main consideration when designing an overall strategy. The following are a few considerations associated with a blended learning model. Continue reading

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Enhance New Employee Orientation with Video Training

Getting new employees up to speed is essential to ensure continued workplace success.

A group of employees watching a presentation.

What do new employees need to know on their first few days?

Adding a new employee to the team is one of the most important assignments a human resources department can deal with. A successful onboarding and orientation may lead to a long and fruitful career with the organization. A failure to connect with a worker, however, may lead to weakened loyalty and a potential early departure.

The Balance pointed out an ineffective orientation period can lead to the new hire searching for another job within a year. If employees constantly leave an organization after short tenures, the costs of searching for replacements can add up quickly.

Human resource leaders need to find simple and effective solutions for their orientation and onboarding needs, to make sure they make a great impression from workers’ first days. Continue reading

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4 Safety Blind Spots to Consider in Your Office

An employee examines a tablet saying "safety first."

Offices should be safe, but risks can be hard to detect.

Working in an office environment doesn’t present the same obvious dangers as staffing a factory floor or a construction site. This may lead to complacency on the part of managers. Accidents in the workplace may occur at any time, but they’re especially common when no one has spent time focusing on getting the premises up to standards.

To avoid easily preventable workplace accidents, as well as the negative attention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it’s important for leaders to figure out the potential hazards lurking in their offices. These can take many forms: from physical features of the environment to gaps in employee knowledge. Performing an honest and thorough search for hidden risks is the first step to creating a compliant and secure office.

The following are just a few of the most frequent issues standing in the way of hazard-free work. Leaders trying to improve their conditions can start with these checklist items when performing a comprehensive assessment of their premises. Continue reading

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Power Tool Safety: Is Your Company Up To Standards?

Are your employees using power tools in a safe and approved manner?

A worker grinds metal.

Safe tool use is an essential part of avoiding workplace accidents.

Power tools are a curious part of any professional environment. They’re so common and integral to day-to-day tasks that it’s easy to take them for granted. However, that attitude could lead to unexpected trouble, as improper use of gear can lead to serious consequences, including potentially severe injuries to employees.

There are regulations and best safety practices fort how employees should operate tools day-to-day, and there’s never a bad time to make sure your organization is in line with these practices. Continue reading

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