Encourage Everyday Employee Health and Wellness with Training

Employee health and wellness has never been as important and top-of-mind as it is now ⁠— is your organization on the right track?

A doctor touches a diagram labeled "wellness."

What can a health and wellness program deliver for your employees?

Ensuring the health of workers should be a management focus at all times. Lately, as businesses around the world have struggled to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, this need to put health and wellness first has become clearer than ever. If your business does not have any programs designed to keep employees healthy and happy at the office, developing such strategies should be an immediate priority. Continue reading

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Help Employees Understand Their Rights and Roles in State-Approved Anti-Harassment Programs

What should employers keep in mind about harassment prevention training?

The state flag of Illinois.

Illinois is the latest state to implement specific harassment training requirements.

Wherever your company operates, it’s important to examine the harassment-prevention rules for that area. Even in states without their own specific harassment policy specifications, it’s incumbent upon employers to make sure they are providing a safe and secure workplace for their employees. In addition, many states have recently tightened their requirements around required actions by company owners. Businesses should make sure they’re taking decisive action to get in line with these laws as they take effect to avoid incurring the resulting fines.

Illinois has joined the group of states with specific harassment prevention statutes, like New York and California. Taking this state’s new policies as an example is a good introduction to the general concept of meeting anti-harassment requirements. Regardless of location, employers must focus on key priorities such as clarifying each person’s role in handling and responding to reports of harassment problems. Continue reading

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Do Your Employees Know How to Prevent Back Injuries?

Back injuries can be devastating to employees who suffer them — and a few best practices can prevent these problems. What should your team members learn from training?

An office worker feels back pain.

From the warehouse to the office, back injuries are a risk for employees.

Back injuries are both relatively common and potentially devastating. In many kinds of workplaces, preventing these incidents from occurring comes down to a blend of factors, from setting up the work environment in ergonomically friendly ways to investing in appropriate training. Many of the day-to-day activities performed by workers could be harmful if done in an incorrect manner. As a workplace leader, it’s up to you to make sure your team is staying safe. Continue reading

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Stay on Top of Department of Labor Laws with Training Courses

What does it take to comply with regulations such as the FMLA and FLSA?

A puzzle with pieces labeled "regulations" and "compliance."

Complying with DOL rules is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Keeping a workplace in compliance with all relevant laws from the Department of Labor should be a top priority for any business, regardless of industry. Companies that don’t follow the regulations regarding fair labor practices may end up facing fines and other penalties, along with the reputation damage that can accompany noncompliance.

Rather than taking an informal approach to providing DOL labor law information to management and human resources personnel, companies can and should formalize their training programs, giving a detailed overview of relevant rules and helping their business comply. When managers and HR leaders understand the right way to deal with issues such as medical leave, hours and wages, they’re positioned to keep their organizations compliant and regulators happy. Continue reading

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How to Create Truly Entertaining Training (and Why It’s More Important Now than Ever)

Ever since we started falling asleep in school during our teachers’ lectures, we’ve all wanted our education to be enjoyable.  Companies spend billions of dollars trying to develop training programs that entertain as well as inform; the most recent innovation in this respect is gamification, which is estimated to be a $2.8 billion industry in and of itself by 2015.  Also, innumerable studies have demonstrated that if a particular subject is taught in a humorous or entertaining way, audiences remember a higher percentage of the subject material and retain that knowledge for a longer period of time.  So not only is entertaining training more fun to begin with, it’s also more effective – which means less money that you’ll have to spend on re-training, which means more money you’ll have for the company holiday party, which means you’ll get to eat more pie.  And I think all of us could do with a little more pie. Continue reading

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