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Here’s why you need to make sure your employees are happy

Are your employees happy? It shouldn’t be difficult to tell if you take one look around your office. If they’re slumping in their chairs, refusing to talk to each other and conducting non-work-related activities during working hours, there’s a good … Continue reading

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Your New Year’s resolution should be to increase employee engagement

How do bored employees help a company succeed? It’s not a trick question – they don’t! All around the U.S. offices are filled with completely capable, skilled, intelligent workers who simply aren’t motivated by their jobs. “Only 32 percent of workers … Continue reading

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Why work/life balance is important in a modern office

One of the most important factors for retaining job-hoppers is work-life balance.  There is an increasing culture of job-hopping in the modern workforce. Instead of staying with one company for decades, millennials and other employees live in a state of persistent, … Continue reading

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Rethinking employee engagement

Why should businesses rethink employee engagement? As 2015 comes to a close, many business leaders wonder how employee engagement will continue to change in 2016. Engagement remains a hot topic for businesses across industries, as engagement sits lower than normal with … Continue reading

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OSHA’s top cited violations

What are some of the most common OSHA citations? The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has released its latest data on the most frequently cited violations. Although the most cited violations from the 2015 fiscal year may seem similar to last year’s, … Continue reading

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