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Don’t neglect ladder safety training

Ladders seem like simple, everyday items but they’re governed by specific and important OSHA rules. Ladders are a special category among workplace equipment with specific security instructions. On one hand, it’s clear how they can pose a threat to employee … Continue reading

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Counteract Cell Phone Distraction to Keep Employees Safe

Cell phones are everywhere – but using them at work can be dangerous. Your employees may be putting themselves in danger by performing some of the most common actions imaginable. As cell phones became ubiquitous, they encroached on the workplace, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Perks in the Workplace

What are the most valued perks for employees? Benefits are essential in a workplace, especially in terms of employee happiness and retention. A recent study conducted by Glassdoor found that 57 percent of workers believe benefits and perks are top considerations … Continue reading

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The Real Importance of Office Design

How can the design of your office affect employees? Office aesthetic does matter Many businesses focus on training and further development to enhance the employee experience. This has been proven to increase revenue, understanding and business ventures. However, there are … Continue reading

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Maintaining health and comfort at work

Ergonomics is an essential part of the office setting. Health and safety is a vital part of any work day. Although many businesses have made changes to office environments and manufacturing processes, there is still more that can be done … Continue reading

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