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Recent Study Shows Results of Inclusion Training in the Workplace

Today we have a guest post from Joel Lesko, Producer, Director and Owner at SunShower Learning. Mastery has published a number of SunShower Learning training programs on its mobile-friendly courseware platform. Joel provided news of a recent scientific study that … Continue reading

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Managing Diversity Within the Workplace

In a survey conducted by Forbes, 85% of the 300+ large global enterprises polled agreed or strongly agreed that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation within the workplace. Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes. From cultural and gender differences to educational backgrounds … Continue reading

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Are You an Advocate for a Diverse Workforce?

The workforce is rapidly changing. It’s now compromised of different cultures, genders, and generations. This diverse workforce is what drives innovation and collaboration for an organization. An organization that does not value diversity won’t sustain a fruitful and energizing work environment. Diversity is defined … Continue reading

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