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Keeping Workers Safe Around Ladders with Targeted Training

Why are ladders so dangerous for employees to use, and how can training prepare them to be safe? Some of the most common items in workplaces can end up posing the greatest danger to employees’ health and safety. This certainly … Continue reading

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Don’t neglect ladder safety training

Ladders seem like simple, everyday items but they’re governed by specific and important OSHA rules. Ladders are a special category among workplace equipment with specific security instructions. On one hand, it’s clear how they can pose a threat to employee … Continue reading

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Report: World Trade Center construction falls seriously injured workers

In a stark reminder of the importance of rigorous and regular safety training, The New York Daily News is reporting that accidents at the World Trade Center construction site in New York City left dozens of workers seriously injured. In … Continue reading

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Ladder Use is More Dangerous Than You May Think

Did you know every year there are 300 people killed and 165,000 injured while using ladders?  This amounts to about one death and 500 injuries per day.  With these statistics it is obvious more focus needs to be on training … Continue reading

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Step Ladders, Wood Ladders, Extension Ladders, Oh My

Did you know there is evidence of support ladders existing 10,000 years ago in ancient cultures? Modern ladders may not boast as long a history, but one thing ancient and modern ladders share is their utility.  Ladders allow us to … Continue reading

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