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Organizational change management: Everyone has a role

Change is a constant factor in corporate life today, and some companies will face it more gracefully than others. Businesses that don’t grow and change are at risk of falling behind their competitors, as technology and consumer priorities shift around … Continue reading

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Managing organizational change effectively

Change comes to every company eventually. How do these businesses handle themselves when in flux? Change is an essential part of progress, and in today’s high-speed business environment, companies that don’t evolve and move forward may have a hard time … Continue reading

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3 Better Organization Tips For 2016

How can 2016 be the most organized year of your life? Organization is key for a healthy, productive lifestyle, especially when it comes to the workplace. If your desk is still a landfill, you’re missing important meetings due to a … Continue reading

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Training programs can help employees adapt to new technology and organizational change

As technological developments continue to dramatically transform our world and our workplaces, it’s become increasingly important that employees are able to adapt readily to significant organizational change. Regardless of what industry you work in, formal training programs like “3 Steps … Continue reading

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