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OSHA Training Online: How to Create a Safe Working Environment for Your Employees

OSHA training is available in several delivery methods, including online. This can make it easy and convenient to create a safe environment. One of the major functions of the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to set … Continue reading

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Promote a culture of safety in the workplace

Implementing safety programs, whether mandated or aspiration-based, can be a difference-maker for organizations today. Employees at all levels must be on board with these changes. Some workplaces are naturally more dangerous than others – all have their risks. Since there … Continue reading

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The importance of an ergonomic workplace

Office workers are at a greater risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders. The medical costs associated with these conditions can be avoided if office managers work toward creating an ergonomic workplace. According to Prevention, sitting puts 40 percent more pressure on … Continue reading

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There is a such thing as being too cold!

Is it really possible for a person to be “too cold”? Yes! Based on where you are in the country, extreme cold weather conditions can vary. Being in a cold environment forces the body to work twice and sometimes three times … Continue reading

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Report: World Trade Center construction falls seriously injured workers

In a stark reminder of the importance of rigorous and regular safety training, The New York Daily News is reporting that accidents at the World Trade Center construction site in New York City left dozens of workers seriously injured. In … Continue reading

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